Farheap Solutions is a technology focused incubator company with operations in software development, manufacturing, printing, and graphic design.

Farheap's Corporate Headquarters is located in Orange County, California, with manufacturing operations across the United States and development offices in Santa Ana, San Diego, and Saratov, Russia.


Farheap Solutions Inc. started business in 1997 as a software company - developing custom solutions for various industries. Our founder and president set out to create software solutions that would create new opportunities by changing the way people do business.

Farheap recognized a tremendous need for a better solution to manage documents and information within state and county courts. We developed an easy to use court case management software package that allows court clerks to keep up with proceedings in real time.

Our next major business success was the development of a website for the printing industry that is extremely fast in its order, print, and delivery systems.

Along the way Farheap acquired a talented pool of designers and in 2004 decided to launch an externally facing design group. The success of our first design business lead to the formation of a second unit in 2006.

Farheap Solutions continues to launch business units in other industries where we find that our software and technology provide similar opportunities.

Key Benefits
  • Create Reissuance with the click of a button.
  • Create Minute Order Automatically.
  • Copy and revise old orders electronically.
  • Interface with Case Management System easily with exporter utility.

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  • 1.2 has been released with numerous updates that make the user experience more intuitive.
  • Solano and Sonoma County have high praise for FACCTS. See Testimonials.
  • Tuolumne and Tulare preparing to launch FACCTS in production.
  • San Mateo County now using FACCTS in production.