Eliminate Tedious Data Re-entry

Any unique piece of information should only have to be entered once into an efficient system. Any additional re-entry is error prone extra work. Unfortunately, it is still necessary in many courts today. FACCTS strives to improve this.

By importing case data from a court's Case Management System (CMS) and centrally managing it, FACCTS can instantly populate Judicial Council form with this common information, thus eliminating the tedious and error prone data re-entry process performed by Protected Parties, Advocacy Groups, or Courtroom Clerks. With FACCTS, only unique information needs to be entered. The result... quicker and more accurate Orders After Hearing that can be delivered to all parties and enforced by Law Enforcement.

Share Information Among Other Entities

By storing all of the case and hearing data digitally, the opportunities to instantly share information within and across different organizations are endless. Because all Judicial Council form and Minute Order data can be made accessible, FACCTS is able to interface to most any external entity including CLETS proxy servers, Web-based Image Repositories, Statistical Servers, and Remote FACCTS Terminals. Compare this with the tedious process of photo-copying, faxing, manually typing and mailing files to different entities.

Clear and Legible Orders

All After Hearing Orders and Minute Orders are computer generated which improves the likelihood of the being correctly interpreted and enforced by Law Officers.

Automatic Minute Order Creation

In addition to creating the required Judicial Council forms, FACCTS simultaneously generates a Minute Order that includes the Judicial Officer's decisions. By re-using information already entered or imported, FACCTS can generate a more complete Minute Order in a fraction of time. Also, because the FACCTS-generated Minute Order is based on a single data source, the Minute Order will always match the Order After Hearing.

Simple Order Modifications

When cases are reviewed and Orders need to be modified, FACCTS can simply create a new order based on the data from the previous one. This significantly reduces the time it takes to create modified Orders by only requiring the user to update changed values.

Efficient User Interface

The FACCTS user interface was designed by Courtroom Staff to efficiently capture Judicial Officer decisions. With check boxes, drop downs, and text boxes strategically positioned for fast entry, FACCTS is truly built for speed.

Interface with Case Management System

Exporter tool makes it easier to interface with any Case Management System with automatic creation of interface and keeping FACCTS in sync with CMS. This allows importing CMS case data into FACCTS and eliminating the need of double data entry.

Key Benefits
  • Create Reissuance with the click of a button.
  • Create Minute Order Automatically.
  • Copy and revise old orders electronically.
  • Interface with Case Management System easily with exporter utility.

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  • 1.2 has been released with numerous updates that make the user experience more intuitive.
  • Solano and Sonoma County have high praise for FACCTS. See Testimonials.
  • Tuolumne and Tulare preparing to launch FACCTS in production.
  • San Mateo County now using FACCTS in production.